September 10th, 2005

Sunday, September 11

Panels 1-3: Well, the stuff in panel 2 looks fairly realistic. But a poncho and a Nehru jacket are "infinitely cool"?

Panel 4: Is that a foreshadowing? Like, April will soon be unzipping in Gerald's basement?

Panel 5: Amazingly, April doesn't seem to have the yard-wide Patterson butt yet.

Panel 6: April has an interesting expression there: both startled and infuriated. Also, she has odd-looking legs. And in the first place, why did Elly take her anywhere but the uniform store if all she can wear is a uniform, and in the second, what's wrong with having a few non-uniform outfits to wear on her own time?

Panels 7-10: Finally something from the letters makes its way into the strip! But in the last panel, it looks like her right knee has become one with the desk. And is that guy fascinated by her socks, or is he looking up her skirt? I'm not sure the dress code says that the skirts can be Sailor Moon length.