September 9th, 2005

Saturday, September 10

Panel 1: What the heck? Is this the same day? How does she get from school to Jim and Iris's to John's practice so fast? Is it a good idea to just pop her head in the door and say "Hey dad..." when John has hardware in a patient's mouth? Did she just now decide to go to Gerald's, and what was she doing beforehand? Just sitting in John's waiting room? Why wasn't she at the bookstore? Why wouldn't she call John from Jim's or wherever she was and say she was going to Gerald's instead of to his office? Wouldn't this be a detour?

And now that I've gotten all that out of the way, it appears that she does want to give the band another try.

Panel 2: And there's Dr. Morsel. Surprised April doesn't want to hang around just to hear him say her name. And there's the no-eyes thing again. ETA: And how is it that one panel ago, John was in the middle of a procedure, and now he's at the reception desk, maskless and unencumbered?

Panel 3: Argh. So was Jim's truncated speech really all it took? And if April did give this some thought between then and now, why didn't we see that? And again with the dramatic ellipses. "Today...she's back with the band." "That someday is Honeywell."

Panel 4: Oh for cryin' in the cornflakes. April has been having crises since she was five; this is not a teen thing. And "Whoa"? What a deep guy Morsel is. I can see why April is hot for him.

Panel 5: I don't think that calls for an interrobang. (?! is an interrobang.) And although that's not a half-bad analogy*, I cringe at the mental picture of John surfing.

*Not quite as good as the one from when April was about a year old and Mike was newly licensed. John and Elly disagreed about Mike's driving privileges, and they agreed to present a united front. Then Elly disciplined April, and John simply ignored the punishment. "What happened to our united front?" "I think it lifted and separated."