September 6th, 2005

Wednesday, September 7

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: So I wonder if this is a continued convo, after class or homeroom or whatever this was, or if they were just in the classroom to sit there. Also wonder why Becky's saying "man"; doesn't seem consistent with the character. And I agree: April doesn't try to understand, or live and let live; she just judges. And I am sick. to. death of the way April is never shown to have poor judgement, to be catty, or to do anything that normal 13/14 y/o girls do, as if Becky is the only one who ever does those things and it makes her an anti-social freak.

Panel 2: Gah! April's hair makes her look like the Bride of Frankenstein! And Becky looks like ass again. And regardless of whether Becky really can do bettah without 4-Evah, April had already been questioning her usefulness in the band, when she made the command decision to offer Shannon a role in the Christmas show. Becky said, "I don't wanna share the stage with a LOSER!" and April thought, "Neither do I." Then she griped to Gerald about how she "hated" Becky. Well, was "starting to hate" her, at any rate. So really, the only betrayal here is Becky leaving of her own accord, denying April the chance to cast her out.

Panel 3: Ah, evil ambition. Interesting, too, that she starts her sentence with "And" instead of "An'".

Panel 4: And I knew that would be the rejoinder. And there's Gerald; wonder if he'll put his .02 in. Or, judging by the look on Becky's face, if he's eager to watch the catfight.