September 5th, 2005

Tuesday, September 6

"An'"s: Four.

Panel 1: Now why does April look like that? Does she think Becky's making this up? And I'm not sure what this spells for Becky: she'll be the offspring of a single mom, so now she'll really go roadside, or she'll no longer be a Spoiled Only Child, so she'll be an object of pity?

Panel 2: I STILL don't know why April looks like that. Upset because her dad gives her speeches about how ambition is bad, instead of encouraging her? Or just sick of hearing about Becky's own ambition? Anyway, what kind of gigs can a 14 y/o have? Political rallies, maybe, and county fairs? She can't perform anywhere that has a liquor license, I don't think.

And you guys are right: Becky looks awfully rough-hewn in the first two panels.

Panel 3: OooooOOOOOH! Wonder if Jeremy had any input to Becky's decision to leave the band? Meanwhile, Becky still looks good in profile, while April's eyes are particularly cartoony. She looks, in fact, like Mickey Mouse in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".

Panel 4: Fuck you Grow up, April. And Becky, don't look so shocked. Don't you know by now that disloyalty to a Patterson ia a crime?