September 1st, 2005

September letters

Elly: Howard was ATTRACTED to Liz?! ATTRACTED?! Yeah, like a car thief is attracted to a Ferrari. Is it Elly that has no clue, or Lynn?

And so we see Liz did tell Lawrence, and he and Nick did warn Howard. Good for them. But...he made homophobic remarks to their face, or at least in their earshot, and they didn't fire him because it wasn't "concrete"? Couldn't they fire him just because, I dunno, it's their company and they don't have to put up with that? Is EVERYONE in the FOOBiverse a complete wuss?

And a whole paragraph about how hard it is to fire someone, no matter how dishonest or dangerous they are. Look, I can tell you right now that I know at least one person who doesn't let sentiment interfere with his business acumen: my husband's boss. (Although he's a straight male; is that what it takes?) I've known him to fire people, and I've seen him do it once, because their attitude was not an asset to the business. It's HIS business, and that's how it is. I think Elly just can't bear to admit that her judgement was wrong, and she thought if she waited long enough, she'd eventually get proof that Kortney was NOT a bully, liar and thief after all.

And good for Liz, that she ordered Elly not to discuss Anthony! Meanwhile, Elly has to get some things off her desk before she goes on another of her jaunts. I love how she revels in the privileges of being the owner, but shies away from making the tough decisions.

John: Oh brother. John cherishes his time with April. His comments are really. creepy. "Taking pictures of her with his mind"? Why doesn't he just divorce Elly and marry her? And another foreshadowing about selling the house. And "nothing makes you feel more manly than running your tractor". I'm not even gonna touch that one. ETA: Schmoosie, I didn't even notice that! He doesn't even MENTION Liz being "gone after"!!

Liz: Ah, so everyone has an opinion, and she doesn't appreciate that. Hi, Lynn! You know, you wouldn't have to hear our opinions if you'd presented sexual harassment and sexual assault as anything other than a plot device to make Granthony (tm someone else) a hero. And you're welcome for our concern, but we wouldn't have been EXPRESSING our concern if we hadn't had to wait until just now to find out that Liz was pressing charges.

And she's not going to talk to us about Anthony either. Translation: Lynn doesn't know where she's going with this. And we find out that she has seemingly had contact with every family member, plus Candace and Rudy AND Weed AND Shawna-Marie. Dunno where she found the time, what with that month-long grad, and then skipping out the SAME DAY April returns. I know how I'd feel if I was April; my mom and sister used to pull that kind of crap on me all the time. Oh, and incidentally, she mentions April spending "way too much time with Gerald". How much, and what kind of, time, is "way too much time", and how is it that John doesn't seem to think Gerald is anything other than a fellow band member?

April: Oh, so April has been on a horse before. Another tidbit that could have been included in the strip. Farm farm farm farm farm. Easier to write a summary than to write and draw strips.

Waitaminut: Elly WANTS April to finish college before getting married?! And how is it that she takes it for granted that everyone in the world WILL get married before they're 30? Or at all?

And she "needs" a new friend. Wonder if we'll get to see her find one, or if she'll just stay stuck in the loop of hating Becky and patronizing Shannon. Logic dictates that she and Becky will simply go separate ways in HS, but when is this strip ever logical.

And she compares Gerald to Prince William? Is he a hearthrob these days? (I really don't know, so I'm asking. And ooooohhhhhh, she "likes" him sooooooooo much! Giggle! I won't tell anyone, April! Tee hee!

Michael: Who I just realized we haven't seen since before grad. Why couldn't he be there, anyway? Oh right: it wasn't a real grad, so not worth his time.

He's got a corner of Weed's studio? I thought that was over with. Guess he begged and pleaded, because the attic in his own building doesn't provide quite enough opportunities to ignore his family.

And we see that he doesn't do much actual writing any more. Well, okay, then I can suspend my disbelief a bit. And why does he abrubtly call Weed by his full name?

"Writers tend to enjoy the energy guilt provides"?! Huh?! And I'm so glad he's telling us how attentive he is towards his kids, and how tolerant of Mira. And nice dig at the Kelpfroths. More yard negotiations (since when does Weed have a claim on part of their yard? Reciprocal arrangement for Mike commandeering part of his studio?) And more foreshadowing about the fire escape/balcony. Meanwhile, it couldn't possibly be that the K's feel the same way about the Pattersons as the Pattersons feel about them.

Deanna: That's another thing. I never heard of "pre-K" until April was in it, ten years ago. Another Canadian thing? I went from nursery school to kindergarten and that was it.

And I love the repeated use of "we" and "our", when you KNOW it's just her who spends time with Merrie. She then goes on for paragraph after paragraph about how Mike is never home, and never "there" when he is, so don't gimme that "we" jazz. And he makes a good manuscript better? Yuhright.

Jim: Oh brother. I'm glad it's funny to him, but I remember when my gramma lived in a retirement home, and disputes like that were a common occurence. It was scary to watch, and now it makes me wonder: do some people live into their 70s or 80s still not having learned that the world does not revolve around them? Or is it more a matter of, they were socialized until they started getting feeble, mentally and physically, and now they're reverting to toddlerhood?

And I'm glad he's enjoying the activities for seniors. Is he always rude, or did we just see one instance?

That said, however, I greatly appreciate his remarks about Becky! At least one person has some perspective, and doesn't think she's evil!

Friday, September 2

Panel 1: Oh, come ON. Nobody, not even high school kids on the first day of school, uses NOTHING except the newest latest hardcore slang. (And now I've probably shown what a fogey I am, saying "newest latest" and "hardcore". And is "I guess" a "cool" term, and what does it mean in this context?

Panel 2: The girl who's saying, "S'up, peeps?", did she just walk up? Because if she was already there, that's an odd thing to say in the middle of a conversation.

Panel 3: At first I thought April had her hand on that girl's shoulder, but it appears to be the guy's hand. What odd 1965 hair she has, too.

Panel 4: Pumpkinhead.

Well, I do have to give Lynn props, if that expression's not outdated already: most of these terms are in wide use. Even if they're a bit jumbled (Lynn, it's not "L.O.L."; it's just "LOL".) However, I find it hard to believe that April the Supercool is overwhelmed by her classmates' display of utter hipness.