August 28th, 2005

Monday, August 29

BDBs: Panel 2.

Panel 1: Jeez, how many last times are there going to be, for these horses April was so wonderful with, that we never saw her BEING so wonderful with? And again, an overly dramatic reply to a mundane question.

Panel 2: As I think I've said before, I don't know much about horses, so I can't say how well they might remember someone they knew for six weeks. The answer might depend on when she's coming back. If it won't be for another ten years, for instance, the horses might not be around at all. But that's a Patterson for you: the world is supposed to stand still for them, and it's a gross injustice if it does not.

And of course, not only is April the most gentle, caring person on the planet, but in six weeks, she became an expert horsewoman, a regular National Velvet. Easy enough to achieve, if you just rely on people TALKING about it and you don't have to be seen DOING it.

Panel 3: Oh, okay, so she's coming back next summer. And check out the big brain on Laura! April's mention of "next summer" means she's coming back! I can see how she got to be a teacher! (That's what she is, right --- community college instructor? By all means correct me if I'm wrong.) But again, this gives rise to another question: how does she know they want her back?

And why is there a need for a "Later..." heading? I don't think any of us assumed that the airport is on the same road as the farm. Two locations in one strip; I guess Lynn has to cram as much nothing as possible into one week. Why not have more farm scenes, and then have her appear at home? We KNOW she's going to fly back.

Panel 4: Ah, the Patterson wit. So I guess April's really going to forget about music and become a horse fanatic. But not, like, a competitive rider, or an aspiring trainer or anything, because that would be un-Pattersonly ambitious.