August 27th, 2005

Sunday, August 28

Panel 1: John really shouldn't bend all the way over at the waist like that. Not good for the back.

Panel 4: Again with the sticky-outy tongue! And honestly, who laughs out loud at Blondie? No, I'm not putting the strip down entirely, just saying that the gags are kind of simple, which is also what I think of people who guffaw at them. (Apologies in advance to anyone reading this who does LOL at Blondie. Of course, I retract the apology if they laugh with a sticky-outy tongue.)

Panel 6: I'm sorry to say, that really doesn't look like Blondie. For shame, Lynn. Other cartoonists can do excellent renderings of Elly; why can't you do other characters?

Last panel: Well, that is a cool meta-reference, at any rate!