August 22nd, 2005

Tuesday, August 23

Panel 1: "What have you liked best about being here?" Who talks like that? You'd think this was an exit interview.

Panel 2: And why does Laura have such a mannish jawline? And the tractor again. Every Patterson woman, including Elly, gets a triple O from driving that tractor. Perhaps it's LJ's way of saying, "See? Women can too drive!"

Panel 3: Now, why does Laura have to prompt her? All kidding aside, April did look psyched in the previous panel; no reason to think she's leaving anything unsaid. And April has an odd posture, no doubt due to her still-compressed midsection.

Panel 4: AAAAA! Now Laura looks like the Tin Man! Beyond that, I can understand April having been "sick of home" if that meant mom and dad; most 14 y/os are like that. But I didn't realize she'd ever stopped pining for Gerald. So what the hey? I guess Lynn gets the punchline first and works backwards.