August 21st, 2005

Monday, August 22

BDBs: Panel 3.

Panel 1: Someone commented a while back about how it appears that Lynn's not drawing the backgrounds any more, and the strip suffers from it, because whoever IS drawing the backgrounds is using perfectly straight lines, and that's so clinical. And I agree. That house has no character, and the farm implements or whatever they are don't look scattered around; they look deliberately placed, as if an engineer was told to create a farm scene.

Panel 2: I was never afraid of horses; however, I FREAKED the first time I got off a horse, started leading her to the water trough, and realized she had a loogie! Echhh! There are certain things about animals that us city folk just don't take into account. That said, I don't see how a horse is like a "big dog". That's a pretty wide brush, IMO.

Panel 3: And it looks like April's been enjoying a lot of farm cooking, too! I can hardly distinguish her butt from that of the horse! (Sorry, cheap shot, but jeez.)

Panel 4: Sigh. Another lame "teenagers are slugs" punchline. Anyway, I thought there WASN'T much work for her to do. Not like when Liz and Laura had to dig a trench in a rainstorm to keep the fields from getting flooded, for instance. Is this to imply that April had to muck out the horse stall or something and she thinks that was slave labor?