August 19th, 2005

Saturday, August 20

Okay, I knew from the spoilers that today's strip would have Liz musing to Shiimsa. Only, I thought it would be something more concrete: something like, "Oh, Shiimsa, your soft fur and soothing purring helps me forget about what Howard tried to do! And I wish Anthony only needed tuna and hugs like you do!" Life and love are complicated? I accepted that by the time I was 12. Why is Liz so naive, and April so worldly? Their stages of development are completely flipped.

I guess it's official: almost being raped being gone after barely registered with Liz; what's preoccupying her is Anthony's confession. And LJ's back to her old principle: calling mean people animals is an insult to animals, because animals are wise in their simplicity.

I know there's been some rather heated discussion, here and elsewhere, about appropriate reactions to being assaulted gone after vs. the idea that there IS any "appropriate" way to react. So with the disclaimer that if I were in Liz's shoes, I'll say that by now I would have changed clothes. Maybe showered, too, but I would definitely not be wearing the same shirt I was wearing when I was assaulted gone after. In order to move on, I would want to change everything I could, as if it were a new day. I wouldn't want physical reminders such as a shirt that has probably been stretched out of shape.