August 16th, 2005

Wednesday, August 17

Panel 1: Ah, so he's finally putting his cards on the table. He went to Lakeshore SOLELY to see Liz. What would he have done if she'd simply been standing behind the register---pulled a Granny Fannie off the rack and brought it to her to ring up? And Liz, it wasn't your neck he saved. BTW, you're heading to the police station to report the attack, right? (Right?)

Panel 2: Okay, so we know where The Baby (she has a name, yanno) is. Hallelujah.

Panel 3: Oh Christ. Funny thing is, Cookie Monster and I have been going through old videos, burning them to DVD. (That's what the project was that took me off the net last night.) Several of them were camcorder footage of me and my old college crowd. Looking at my former SO, I too was reminded of what a great guy he was, and how well we got along. But I also realized, and I wasn't even relating it to Anthony and Liz, that we were going in different directions even before graduation. I don't know where he's at in his life right now (though I know where he is physically, unless he's moved), but I don't imagine that he and I would have anything to build a relationship on at this point. The relationship was good for both of us, and it was partly responsible for making us the people we were when I met Cookie Monster and he met his post-college SO. That was enough, and it's still enough. I didn't even watch the videos; I don't think I'll dub them either. I'll just put them in storage along with my Harold and Maude poster and old issues of Sassy.

Panel 4: Speed-freak eyes again. And I hate how she's looking up at him. But she's right. And is this REALLY the time to have this discussion? No wait, of course it is. Because the whole thing with Howard didn't really happen. It was a plot device, and plot devices don't affect people emotionally. Anthony proved his worthiness as a suitor, and now it's all good.

Panel 5: Gads, look at HIS eyes! This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Bart and Lisa reunite Krusty with his estranged father. Paraphrased (and it helps if you hear it in Jackie Mason's voice):

Bart: We'd like to talk with you about your son, Herschel Krustofsky?

Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky: I HAVE NO SON!! [slams door]

Bart: Great; we came all the way across town for the wrong guy.

Krustofsky: [opens door] I DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERALLY!! [slams door again]


So now the question is, does Anthony mean it literally, as in Therese has left him, or figuratively, or should I say in the Elly sense, that a house without love is not a home? In any case, I repeat that Liz should not have the time or the emotional wherewithal for this right now. And it's one more source of bile that we're apparently expected to believe that she does.

P.S. Here's cookies! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@