August 12th, 2005

Saturday, August 13

BDBs: Is Anthony auditioning for the Toronto company of "All That Jazz"?

Panel 1: [John McEnroe]YOU! CANNOT! BE! SERIOUS![/J McE] He's always been bugging you. You never thought he'd hurt you. Well, okay; I might be able to suppress my bile if that was one sentence, with one word added: "BUT I never thought he'd try to hurt me." What th---What kind of logic IS that? You had some reason to trust him? Like, you thought if Lawrence hired him he must be okay? Lady, even the Perfect Pattersons are lousy judges of character; you think Lawrence does psych evals on the people he hires? And if you thought he was kidding, why did you threaten to report him, and if he scared you, why DIDN'T you report him?

Or is it that you just thought he was all hat and no cattle? How could you think that, when you were a nervous wreck from him cruising your house every night? (And why were you framing yourself so beautifully in the window while he was doing that, anyway?) Girl, I thought you'd learned something after Eric. Now I'm wondering WTF you're doing teaching grade schoolers. Any one of your students could have seen this coming.

Panel 2: Oh jeez; the palm-to-chest-mouth-open pose again. And where is Anthony's hand going?

Panel 3: Well, all right; I'll give Anthony a mulligan, in that anyone might put their arm around someone who'd just been assaulted. Meanwhile: Liz, enough. Not everyone in the world is a good person. When are you going to learn that?

Panel 4: Oh brother. Well, I guess I'll wear my blue dress to the wedding. And, no, Liz, it's not because there's good in you; it's because there's oxygen between your ears.


Meanwhile, I hereby bestow the Binky Betsy Award jointly to mst3k4ever and gryphonmage! Awarded this twelfth day (on the west coast) of August, 2005!