August 11th, 2005

Friday, August 12

I'm just starting a new thread so y'all can talk amongst yourselves. I need time to figure out what I want to say. Carry on.


Okay, I'm back.

Panel 1: Blond hair. Well, it could be Dennis. Or a random stranger. Meanwhile, why is whoever it is asking for an apology? I'm not sure that's the issue here. And why is Liz telling whoever it is to be careful? I hate to see her essentially wringing her hands while someone fights for her hono(u)r.

Panel 2: Hm...If not for the hair color, I'd think it was Mike.

Panel 3: Get up and get out? Why? To give him time to tell his buddies about this guy who beat up on him for no good reason, who needs his ass kicked in retaliation? The thing to do is keep him in the chokehold while Liz calls 911.

Panel 4: ...

Panel 5: First time? Are you kidding me? What about your wife and kid? You wouldn't fight for them, eh?


I should add that Cookie Monster is downstairs defending Anthony, calling me a hater, saying it happens all the time that people still have feelings for the one who got away, especially when they find out they're not compatible with their spouse. And what should Anthony do, stand there and do nothing because he's not married to Liz? And that it's great that for once Anthony's not being portrayed as a wimp.

My counterargument: No, I don't expect Anthony to do nothing. But he's still not going about it the right way. Liz is out of physical danger, for right now: great. But as I said above, it's not just about her honor. Howard is not necessarily humbled forevermore and will never harass Liz or anyone else ever again. He might well seek revenge. And furthermore, Lawrence is going to ask where his employee went, and it shouldn't just be he says/she says/her equally-obsessed-but-in-a-GOOD-way high school boyfriend says. And as for the "worth fighting for" aspect, I just happen to think that Therese is a person too, and it's wrong to act as if she's just a piano that has to be gotten off Anthony's back.

So with that out of the way, I think I'm going to be sick.