August 10th, 2005

Thursday, August 11

Panel 1: That's good! Tell him in no uncertain terms. Not that it probably matters to him, but if there's anyone within earshot, you want them to be able to testify that you were not okay with this. Also, good overhead shot, so we know exactly where they are.

Panel 2: Yes! I hope she broke his nose! But now they seem to be right in front of the opening of the "office", while in the last panel, they were in the opposite corner.

Panel 3: Shoot, apparently it didn't hurt him at all. But that's right again: call for help so no one can claim they didn't know you weren't having fun. And is he tearing her shirt? Pinching her stomach? I think he's done this before. And is he supposed to be a complete psycho who "loves it when they scream" or whatever that quote is? I mean, she's pulling away, yelling for help, and kicking him, even if her foot misses its target, and he only claims to enjoy it more. Also, as someone (or several someones?) pointed out yesterday, you'd think he'd be more concerned about being overheard and observed.

Panel 4: Or about someone intervening. So who is that? Not a Lakeshore employee, because the shirt's not orange. The arm is too muscular to be Anthony's*. Maybe Mike? Warren, who just happened to choose this hour of this day to make an unannounced visit? Not John; he wouldn't be wearing a t-shirt*. And whoever it is, how are they grabbing Howard from behind? Did they have to reach over the counter?

*Unless Lynn has decided to do for Anthony what the Hildebrant brothers did for Mark Hamill in the Star Wars poster. Anthony could sprout impressive deltoids when he sees a damsel in distress.

ETA: Okay, it's a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.