August 6th, 2005

Saturday, August 6

Panel 1: Ah, another cat! Perhaps April will bring another kitten home for Liz!

Panel 2: I remember Laura. She and Liz are the same age, give or take a year, and the two of them got along like a house afire during Liz's Farm Summer. Wonder how she'll relate to April, though?

Panel 3: What is that thing with legs on the floor? The cat?

Panels 4-5: Oh, ha ha, I get it! Teenagers have a different concept of "lots to do"! Or is it city kids that are different? At any rate, I bet this visit will really open April's eyes and show her a whole new way of enjoying life! That's great!...Now can we get back to Liz and her stalker?


Okay, I'm gonna have to moderate here. I saw that things were heating up just before I left the house today, but didn't have time to respond.

You are all very fine posters, and I would hate to see anyone leave in a huff, or feel that they had to leave. So let's keep it civil here, shall we? We have a common purpose: to snark on FOOB and LJ, not on each other. Expressing opinions = good. Differences of opinion = fine. Combative tone = not okay.

Carry on snarking (on LJ!).

Sunday, August 7

Well, I've had weekends like that. dasaky, yes it is Liz, and that's Candace with the red hair, and presumably Rudy in the yellow shirt. The "I Fear No Beer" shirt is a retread, I believe; if I'm not mistaken, Weed had such a shirt when he and Mike were at uni.