August 4th, 2005

Friday, August 5

"An'"s: Three.

Panel 1: An adult saying "an'"? Must be a hick thing.

Panel 2: "An'" again! And this is realistic but depressing.

Panel 3: Ack! Dan looks like a gargoyle! And April is way young to have such saggy boobs.

Panel 4: Well, you don't want me to go on a rant about the injustice of how little farmers make compared to the prices in the grocery stores, so I won't. All I want to know is, if there's no farming to do, why is April here? And this is one of the reasons it sucks to be a late baby: you spend your entire childhood hearing about how great something is, in this case the farm, and by the time you get there, it's a ghost of what it used to be.