July 30th, 2005

Sunday, July 31

Panel 1: John looks weird without his glasses, like a turtle without its shell. And that nose is prominent enough for a bird to perch on!

Panel 2: AAAUGHH! That is one scary-lookin' skeeter!

Panels 3-8: Well, I can sympathize. Last fall, I spent two nights at my MIL's farmhouse, and I don't know what the deal was, but there were SO many flies, I couldn't sleep. Even though I turned the bedside lamp OFF, they were still recreating the Battle of Midway inside the shade! I finally had to go downstairs and sleep on the couch. This is only one mosquito, but I daresay that high-pitched whine is equally annoying in its own way.

Panel 9: Ah, yes: Elly the Avenger.

Panel 12: Now, how to interpret this? Does he mean he knows she's more motivated to banish mosquitoes than he is, so he just lets her do it? Does Elly make a noise that she's not aware of, so if John can tune that out, he can tune out anything? Maybe, but I thought the snoring in panel 1 was coming from him. Or, could he mean that Elly is just generally so annoying in all situations that she's a life-sized mosquito that he'd gladly squash if he could? That does seem like the most logical explanation, to us. But Lynn doesn't have her characters thinking along the same lines as they do in our antifanfics...does she? :::looks around nervously:::