July 29th, 2005

Saturday, July 30

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Note the car thrumming ominously in the background. Meanwhile, what, is Liz taking April to the farm on the back of her bike? Guess she just needs to get it said; I don't think she's any crazier about the idea than Mike and Liz were when it was their turn.

Panel 2: Good visual with April looking out of the corner of her eye. Realistically, she should just turn to follow Liz's gaze, but this gives an effectively furtive tone to the scene.

Panel 3: Eek! Even the house looks like it has a face!

Panel 4: Whoaaaaaaa...


Okay. This. Better. Be going somewhere.

And meanwhile, Liz needs to read The Gift of Fear, by Gavin DeBecker. If you think someone is following you, find out for sure if they are. Don't dismiss your fears as "just paranoia"; instincts are very often right, and should be ignored at one's peril. I mean, I realize that if Liz did absolutely everything right, there would be no story, but I HATE to see women (or people in general), ignore basic danger signals and make themselves unnecessarily vulnerable.