July 28th, 2005

Thursday, July 28

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: Hah! Pretty much what my former boss said to me (I don't remember word-for-word). I might suggest "None of your business" as a reply, but whatever. But again, what sets off alarms is that he's apparently following her.

Panel 2: Oh good lord, he says "an'". And that is a good reply!

Panel 3: Ah, another classic! "Don't be so uptiiiiiiight!"

Panel 4: Well, thank heavens. I was absolutely dreading my prediction coming true: that Liz would have some mental block against discussing this with Lawrence.

Panel 5: Oh brother. If you think of her as a lady, then treat her like one and take NO for an answer.


I am, quite frankly, astounded. This is both interesting and to-the-point. Wonder who's writing it?

Friday, July 29

Panel 1: This must be visual shorthand; I would think Liz would say her goodnights before she has the helmet on, so as to be heard more clearly. But I could be wrong; I don't ride.

Panel 2: Does that very prominent "EXIT" symbolize anything? Meanwhile, as someone pointed out in yesterday's comments, "Grow up" is not really a deterrent.

Panel 3: Screech of brakes! Is he about to skid into something? Will Liz be unable to stop before hitting him? Will this strip end in tragedy?...

Panel 4: Oh, no; don't TELL me...she's falling for him after all?!

Panel 5: Whew. Not quite that bad; just, as usual, Lynn goes for the anti-climax. Howard is an irresponsible driver; that's how we know he's a Bad Person. I really don't know if I'd feel 100% safe with this guy leaving work the same time as me. But that possibility will no doubt go unexplored.

ETA: Or it could be Cookie Monster's prediction: Howard will cause an accident that sends Liz to the hospital, perhaps in a coma, and Anthony will appear at her bedside to declare himself and pull her back from the brink of life and death.