July 26th, 2005

Wednesday, July 27

Panel 1: So Little Running Deer cooly dismisses a condescending offer of help. You know, this is a subject that could be explored further: Liz being both physically and mentally more self-sufficient after having lived Up North. Sure, we've heard her jabberjaw about how rustic it is up there, but it would be cool to see her put her money where her mouth is. (As opposed to Mike, the Super!Talented!Writer! whose work is never shown, and the Best!Dad!Evah! who we never see interacting with his kids.)

Panel 2: Judging by the expressions on Liz and Peanut-Head's faces, I'm guessing that his tone adds another layer of meaning to the word "equipment".

Panel 3: Gah! He looks like Wooly Willy!

Panel 4: Ooo! Is that a snappy comeback from an empowered woman? Will this become a Sam-and-Rebecca/David-and-Maddy style battle of wills? How sad it is that a sitcom cliche would be refreshing, compared to what this strip has been offering recently.

ETA: Or it could be a sexual harassment situation; it's hard to tell, because as I said, we can't hear Peanut-Head's tone. But if Liz DOES feel threatened, then she'll probably do everything except inform Lawrence, because, y'know, he's a friend, and these things can be awkward an' all that. And this will go on for three weeks.