July 22nd, 2005

Saturday, July 23

Panel 1: What's the significance of this non-dialogue panel? Anthony deposits Francoise in her crib while Liz looks on. Is this a foreshadowing? (God help us all...)

Panel 2: Jeez, could this be any more heavy-handed? It's been seven months. That shouldn't be a long time for these two.

Panel 3: Oh lord, don't let this be the buildup to the two of them falling into each others' arms...

Panel 4: "I teach grades 1 through 6." Okay, what's so unbelievable about that? And why does Liz have such a coy expression and head-tilt?

Panel 5: Anthony, if you were not ink on paper (or in this case, bytes on a screen), I would smack you. YOU are the one who insisted on starting a family. You VOLUNTEERED to stay home with the baby. NOW you want a different life? You and Deanna can get in the same waaaambulance.

And who thinks like that anyway? "I sometimes imagine...a different life." Why not "Sometimes I imagine" with no ellipsis?