July 20th, 2005

Thursday, July 21

"Quotes": Three.

Panel 1: Lynn had this to say about Anthony when he was a teenager: "He's the kind of guy that a girl's mother would point out. 'See him? Wait twenty years and he'll knock the socks off any jock in the city! That's the kind of guy who's going to do well in whatever he chooses to do and by golly---when he's got a little gray in his hair, he will be so handsome that every woman at your twentieth high school reunion will wonder why they didn't beg him to go out with them when they had the chance!' Mothers know these things. They've been to their own reunions and seen for themselves the nerd-to-knockout metamorphosis in the guys who were nobodies, while the jocks became nerds in the meantime."

Sorry to argue with the great LJ, but I don't think this applies to Anthony. He did have a girlfriend in high school, as well as a brief fling with Candace, back when she was a scheming roadside vixen. It's been five years since high school (grade 13, remember?) and I think he peaked at 18. (Furthermore, I resent the implication that a) women swoon over bank statements above all else and b) all jocks are illiterate bullies. But that's another matter.)

Panel 2: Aw jeez. Look how eager Anthony is to see Liz. Breaks your heart, don't it.

Panel 3: How is "You look wonderful" a response to "We're doing 'the tour'"? And it appears that Francoise is already rehearsing her "You're not my mommy!" speech.

Panel 4: Ha ha ha, I get it. Anthony's "at home" all the time, withering away and dodging taxes. Brilliant. One guess: He's taking Francoise out of the Baby Bjorn so he can give Liz a big hug---during which Therese will magically appear. "Nice. I should have known if I left you 'at home' all day I'd find you with your arms around her!" And Gordon looks like George Constanza. Is it significant that we don't ever see his eyes in this strip?