July 19th, 2005

Wednesday, July 20

Panel 1: Whoa! That is a mansion! Sure makes the Patterson home, which Mike and Dee have such a yearning for, look like a shack.

Panel 2: And a brick driveway, apparently. But why are they leaving? Did he just drive up to the house so she could see it from the outside? And of COURSE Gordon gave them a good deal; you think he's gonna say, "I learned a thing or two about being ruthless and that applies to everyone"?

Panel 3: Hm. No sign of regret on Liz's face. Could it be she's finally given up that jazz about having an unbreakable bond?

Panel 4: Is there really such a thing as paternity leave? I thought maternity leave was a medical leave, for physical recovery from birth, and what Anthony's doing would be a sabbatical. Perhaps it's a Canadian thing.

Panel 5: Oh for cryin' out loud. How many times does Lynn have to make this point? And check the photo on the wall in the background. It appears Anthony is holding Francoise. Nothing wrong with that, of course, except that Therese is never to be shown displaying any maternal instinct.

So perhaps we'll get a glimpse into the Caine's home: idyllic when it's just Anthony and Francoise; irretriveably dysfunctional as soon as Therese walks in the door.