July 18th, 2005

Tuesday, July 19

Panel 1: Well, I'll be. A parent who likes his kids! What's up with that?

Panel 2: "Joint"? Why not "crib"? Or why not make up a word? Or does Lynn think that "joint" as slang for "house" is already outdated, so no need to worry about its archival value? Anyway, I thought a joint was more like a bar or someplace to hang out, not the place where you live.

Panel 3: Now, what's the deal with this? Why is he giving her a ride---I thought she had the bike? And whaddya know: "success just sort of...happened". No thanks to the Pattersons' startup money, of course. And this takes me back to January, when Liz told Elly not to bother getting her bags out of the car, because in Mtinkywinky, "help just 'happens'."

Panel 4: Yeah, but I'd be checking my cholesterol level, Gordo. (Which seems to be becoming an appropriate name.)

Panel 5: I looked it up. As of this month, the world population is 6,446,131,400. So that means there are 6,446 other people like Gordon. Not that impressive, really.


Why are they leaving the garage, though? I thought yesterday's strip was a setup for Anthony to stumble into the office, perhaps with a black eye, and fall into Liz's arms, whimpering. Guess not. So are these filler strips, or just the quarterly reminder that everyone the Pattersons come in contact with become hugely successful?