July 14th, 2005

Friday, July 15

Such a plethora of "an'"s! Three in panel 1, and another in panel 2! There haven't been any in quite a while; I guess Lynn has a quota to fill.

Panel 1: Well, but I thought the real problem was that Becky didn't tell the others that she was singing at gr-d so that they could butt in. And why shouldn't people tell her she was amazing and talented? According to that mp3, she is.

Panel 2: What is wrong with wanting to be famous? And perhaps Liz, who did hear the song (and may have heard 4-Evah play, on video at least if not live) can point out what we've been speculating on, that it's creative differences rather than Becky claiming to be better all around.

Panel 3: What huge, inflated ego? We only saw Becky interacting with A, G and D, and in that convo, she said she could do better. (Is that supposed to be ego?) We don't know how she reacted to the praise she got; no one even discussed it. (Jeremy only said she'd probably think she was too big for the band, not that she was acting like it.) Becky's not allowed to feel good about herself, eh?

But please, please let the second half of Liz's sentence be "...there's more than one person in this car that has one!"

Panel 4: Alas, no. So now we know: Becky will fail. My only comfort is that, given Lynn's aversion to following up on things, we won't have to see it.


Really, what is the big deal here? They're 14. Bands with members twice that age have fluid memberships. People lose their enthusiasm, they have other commitments, they gravitate towards another band. It happens. And that's people who are doing paying gigs and are making a serious effort to get signed.

And is Lynn trying to say that if you get praised early on, it'll be your downfall because you'll get that "huge inflated ego" and plateau? Lynn's art teachers didn't like her; I bet that's what it is. You can't be a Serious Artist unless nobody believed in you when you were young and you had to rise above.

The Patterson self-centeredness is disgusting! April is miffed that Becky's getting positive attention, so of course Liz takes sides against her; no such thing as saying, "Waitaminut, Apes; I thought she was your friend! Can't you be HAPPY for her?" No, it has to be all. about. April. Great message to send, Lynn: that it's okay to act like the world revolves around you. I'd like to send her another email, but she'd NEVER respond.

So in case someone from FOOB is reading this, I'll say it here: Lynn, you make me sick.