July 13th, 2005

Thursday, July 14

Interesting discussion of yesterday's strip! And, even though it no longer seems to apply, I'll still say what I would have said, had I been online: "If Liz does narc her out to Elly for making out with Gerald, I hope April doesn't go off the rails. Because when Liz was a teenager, April was a 24-hour news channel; Liz couldn't scratch her ass without April blabbling about it. But she'd probably count on Liz to keep HER secrets, and shriek at the gross injustice if she did not."

That said, on to the strip.

Panel 1: So yesterday's strip was another pointless interlude. And as someone said on another site, it's incredible that Lynn went from D, G and A thunderstruck by Becky's (purported) arrogance to "So is the dance over?" I guess Pattersons are saintly to the point that they don't even have to respond to (purported) injustice.

Panel 2: Actually, for once I don't blame April for saying "Shut up," because Liz does seem to have an accusatory expression.

Panel 3: What an odd neck April has. She looks like a water faucet.

Panel 4: ??? Why is Mike driving all of a sudden?

Panel 5: So I guess we're going to hear April's reaction to Becky's bombshell, finally. Wonder what advice, if any, Liz will offer. I HOPE she doesn't side against Becky, but who knows.