July 11th, 2005

Tuesday, July 12

BDBs: One, in panel 3.

Panel 1: Well, good. Becky gets to talk first. Although perhaps it would be better if April did go off on her first; then her meek reply might garner some sympathy. And I love how April is primly holding her pocketbook. (Why does she have it with her anyway? Unless that was a goodnight kiss, and she was on her way out?)

Panel 2: "Lots of space"? WTF does that mean?

Panel 3: Tiny Becky again, apparently doing isometrics or something. And how in the bloody hell does Duncan magically show up at this moment?

Panel 4: Ouch! But if you look closely at Gerald, he seems to be reflecting on this, rather than just shocked and awed. Also, Becky doesn't look like this is easy for her to say. ETA: And, what chucique said: hopefully she just means that the band is no longer for her, as opposed to not being good enough for her.

Man, I HOPE the fallout won't be too great. But it probably will.