July 10th, 2005

Monday, July 11

BDBs: One, in panel 4.

Panel 1: Oh, honestly! Must they be making fish-faces at each other? Can't April be looking over her shoulder?

Panel 2: Okay, so it's not going to be jealous Jeremy---guess his function was strictly to telegraph this plot development---and it's not going to be preachy Liz. But I wonder what Becky's doing out in the hall to begin with? And she's sure got some breedin' hips! Not that that's a bad thing.

Panel 3: Look at the neutral space between Becky and April. Va-va-VOOM, indeed!

Panels 4-5: So of course, Becky has the Narrowed Eyes of Evil. But, sorry, Lynn, if I'm supposed to side against her, I'm not gonna. As others have pointed out (thanks, guys! I never picked up on that!) April is only content when she's calling the shots. And I'll point out yet again (yes, I know I harp on it), when they were first assembling the band, Gerald treated Becky as if she was as incompetent as Shannon. The song we heard on the site and read in the strip was a sweet trifle, perfectly appropriate for a grade-8 grad. Bringing the whole band into it would have been jarring.

I mean, really, who is to say that four people who formed a band largely on the basis that they were all friends to begin with will have a dynamic that cannot, must not be tampered with? I've heard several different reasons why Brian Epstein axed Pete Best from the Beatles*, but what they all boil down to is that he didn't fit the dynamic of the group. Sure, it sucked that he'd been with them since high school, and then didn't get the dividend from paying his dues, but loyalty doesn't always pay off. So let Becky be the Peter Gabriel** of the group (and let Jeremy take her place?).

*Some say he was too good-looking, in a bad-boy kind of way, and Epstein wanted the less-threatening McCartney to be the heartthrob. Some say the fact that he kept the ducktail while the others let Sutcliffe's girlfriend style their hair was an early indicator that he was not a team player. Some say he just wasn't that good a drummer. And someone pointed out that, whatever the reason for his dismissal, "John, Paul, George and Pete" just doesn't have the same impact as "John, Paul, George and Ringo".

**Yes, I know I'm mixing metaphors, but his career only escalated after leaving Genesis. And if Best was all that, he'd have gotten into another band. Which he didn't. Though I heard his ice-cream parlors did pretty well.