July 8th, 2005

Saturday, July 9

Panel 1: What the heck? I see Elly's head, but I can't tell what's beneath it. An armchair? And in the color version, that lamp is one hideous shade of orange.

Panel 2: Loud but harmless. I don't get it. Meanwhile, Dixie looks like a bowling pin.

Panel 3: And Shiimsa doesn't seem to think the dogs are harmless, judging on her imitation of a feather boa.

Panels 4-5: I don't get this either. Is it supposed to be that Elly's acting like April is five years old, and the only risk for her away from the house is that she might toddle off into a stranger's van, while we're shown that she's making out like a grown-up? Or is it underscoring a "kissing gets you pregnant" attitude, like April IS in real danger? Or is it simply a matter of "[sigh]Anything can happen when you're young and in loooooove"?


And I wonder where this is going. I never did get a clear sense of whether or not April and Gerald's relationship was officially sanctioned. The strip implied that Elly was okay with it (John's opinion was never solicited, of course), while the monthly letters had April telling Elly that she was going to the movies with Becky and then secretly meeting Gerald at the multiplex, while Elly twittered, "She's on a guilt trip (not with Gerald in the passenger seat, I hope)". (???)

So is Liz going to find them in a liplock, and if so, what will the fallout be? And will there be a big scene in which April protests being torn from her lover's arms to be sent to Manitoba? Will Warren resurface and offer his pilot's services for Gerald to fly out to her? And will April have a little Forsythe in her belly while she plows the north 40?