July 4th, 2005

Monday, July 4

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Well, at least John finds it within himself to tell April it was a nice ceremony. Of course, Liz's compliment to Becky goes unremarked.

Panel 2: Look at Liz's expression. Does she know something Elly doesn't?

Panel 3: It appears that Elly is so feeble she has to be assisted through the parking lot by Liz and John.

And for cryin' out loud. It didn't used to be like this. Mike was a teenager at the appropriate time. So was Liz. But April puts her hair up and dons a strapless gown, and suddenly she's a full-fledged adult? She hasn't even STARTED high school; no, taking home ec a few days a week does not count. I guess, once again, this is a result of April not being based on a real person. Lynn infantilized her far too long, then abruptly pushed her into a premature adolescence, and now---what, she's ready to move out and get a job? Gah!

Panel 4: I guess this is Elly speaking...

Panel 5: ...and I guess this is supposed to be ironic: Shiimsa torturing Edgar the way Liz and Mike used to torture each other. Poor Edgar...

Tuesday, July 5

Okay, this is truly ridiculous. Yes, I get it: the house isn't REALLY going to be dull, contrary to what Elly claims. But for cryin' out loud, does Lynn honestly think that Shiimsa and the dogs having a showdown is going to be more interesting than the dance?!

Also, Elly appears to be sulking in that last panel. Sorry, Navet Nose, your ship sailed a long time ago, and it was your flapping arms that sent it out to sea.