June 30th, 2005

Monthly letters!

I may be redundant here, so bear with me.


I wonder if Elly bothered to warn Connie that her "bumper crop of zucchini" is in danger. Probably not. And she used to curse a lot when she couldn't adjust the seats in her old car? Way to keep your cool, El. "Hooray for Gord for applying the twist to my rubber arm."? I don't even want to know what that means. "And by the time [April]'s licensed, John will most likely have bought himself a new sportscar anyway." Indeed. And since when does April need an attitude adjustment? I thought she was perfect now, ever since she met Shannon. "We fogeys need help understanding what's cool these days." Yeah, no kidding.


Amazing! Not a word about his trains until the last sentence. Though the way he rambles, he might as well stick to train talk; that keeps him "on track". (I slay me!)


"[Jesse]'s one of the really sharp ones who is probably going to grow up to toss the Life Script and follow his own off-tempo drumbeat." I dunno; I have a feeling Liz only sees him as a free spirit because she's not used to natives. He's probably perfectly normal for Mtwikipedia. Anthony is off-limits? Well, look who's catching on! And Warren's over for sure? Sad. Would be nice if we could be told this IN THE STRIP, of course. "I'd miss having [Shiimsa] drag her sandpapery tongue across my eyelids at the crack of dawn." :::shudder:::


Grad grad grad grad grad. I wonder if we're going to see her at the farm, like we did with the other two, or if she'll just be offscreen for the summer. Not sure what I'd prefer, actually: the same stuff I've seen twice already, or more thrilling strips about Mike and Dee hating their kids and Grampa losing his marbles.


Is he serious? I could be wrong, but I don't think there's any part of Florida, even the panhandle, where people wear scarves and mittens. By all means correct me if necessary. "This too may be why they call the biannual time change "daylight savings"." NO! You really think so? You are a god damned genius, Gump! And yes, Mike is on drugs. And I too thought he meant gay women when he said "girls", and I wonder if Deanna is included among the women the TVs are prettier than. Also, why tell us that about Deanna's dad falling off a table? Just to show that there are old guys goofier than John?


Eh, everyone's already said it; I have nothing to add. Except that I love her flash of genius: if she's not around, she doesn't have to deal with THUMP THUMP THUMP all the time!


"Today's young people seem to be an easygoing, tolerant bunch. Too tolerant, some would say, but my generation's moral approach didn't prompt us to completely eradicate poverty, war and suffering after all was said and done, so maybe a fresh perspective will help." I. Am. Amazed. A member of the Greatest Generation admitting that society won't be totally screwed after they pass on? Somebody else wrote this letter, not Lynn.

Friday, July 1

Panel 1: Now, why are April and Gerald next to each other? Are they lined up by height? It can't be alphabetical, because Gerald's last name is Forsythe. I can't believe that the students would be allowed to sit wherever they want; if people are going to be called to the stage, they have to be in some kind of order so the principal or whoever knows in what order the names should be read.

Also, that kid on April's right looks like Lawrence.

Panel 2: My first thought was that Becky was having some kind of crisis...

Panel 3: ...but I guess this is supposed to be a huge betrayal of 4-Evah.

Panel 4: Becky just can't ever do the right thing, it seems, not being a Patterson and all. If she'd told April ahead of time that she was doing this, it would be "Becky's all bragging because SHE gets to do a solo."

Panel 5: And what is that supposed to mean, Miss Patterson? ETA: Seriously, what DOES that mean?! Personally, I'm all in favor of Becky getting her moment. I still think Gerald was a first-class donkey excavation for telling her she should be the tambourine babe when they were first establishing the band. Roadside gig or not, she has talent. Anyway, maybe this wasn't her idea; maybe she was chosen for it. It can't always be all about you, April.

So it'll be one of two things. Tomorrow she bombs and Monday will be April consoling her, or tomorrow she'll perform beautifully and Monday will be April saying, "What do you think you were doing?!" Either way, she'll be punished.