June 29th, 2005

Thursday, June 30

"Quotes": Two.

Panel 1: Again, if it wasn't for the fact that I know strips have to be submitted six weeks in advance, I'd swear Lynn was taking her cues from us. Meanwhile, I wonder why, in the color version, everyone is either gray or lavender. But at least Elly got decently dressed for grad.

Panel 2: "Junior elementary"? And Liz, I recall that your kindergarten graduation was at least enough of an "occasion" that you wore a graduation robe and your dad took pictures. There are few things I enjoy so much as older siblings trotting out the "I never had yadda yadda..." gripes at the drop of an iPod.

I guess Becky wearing black is supposed to be giggish. If so, though, I think Lynn's a bit off. At least with the teenagers in my community, black is not supposed to be sexy. Pink or red is what you wear to be provocative. Black is primarily for goths, and if a goth was making a statement at grad, she'd wear tattered velvet, not a low-cut cocktail dress.

And I find it very hard to believe that April's updo is achieveable with less than an hour's work and a can of hairspray. And I wonder who that pumpkin-head woman is behind her?

Panel 3: Oh my lord. Except for the hair color, Liz looks exactly like Therese. And I couldn't suppress an internal "AAAAAAAAA!" at the sight of Elly.

Panel 4: And Liz is also wearing Deanna's ten coats of dark lipstick. And why does Elly look so smug? And John, whether you think this is an "occasion" or not, she HAS graduated from something. Again I say, my grandmother only completed the eighth grade, and that was a big deal, for all the students, not just her. She got a white dress and flowers from her dad an' everything. Glad to see YOU'RE so proud of your youngest child.