June 28th, 2005

Wednesday, June 29

BDBs: Panel 5. "An'"s: One. Jeez, Liz, you're a teacher; time to start talking like an adult!

Panel 1: I forgot to mention that when I was checking April's monthly letter, she said Liz had offered to do her hair for grad. So this is the result: a beehive, so she can look like a true Patterson matron.

And why is she emphasizing "soon"? "Soon" does not connote urgency. And look at the expanse of hallway. Is this a house or a hotel?

Panel 2: Again with the complex explanations to animals. Try POINTING to the litter box, maybe? Or perhaps she doesn't have to be told; she can PROBABLY find the litter box without, you know, a map or anything.

Panel 3: "Don't worry about the dogs. The door will be shut." Is this foreshadowing? Knowing Lynn, who can say?

Panel 4: This may be the only circumstances under which Liz would make that statement...:::ducks and runs:::

Panel 5: Run, Shiimsa. Run far and fast from this family.