June 25th, 2005

Sunday, June 26

April and Elly both have speed-freak eyes. Why is the dish towel dripping? And this actually would be a pretty deep strip, if it didn't end with what seems to be yet. another. I'm-getting-old punchline.

ETA: Okay, that was lame. So I'm going to promote qnjones's post:

Ditto on the speed-freak eyes. But then, April does sound like she snorted some illicit Ritalin that she got from Becky. And then watched way, way too many reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Only a moron thinks that you have to be living in a totally different dimension to feel that time moves relatively faster or slower--people feel this difference in the relative passage of time regularly.

Also, I was a really bright 14 year old--in TAG classes where they actually did talk a little about that stuff--and I just barely knew what quantum mechanics were then. I do not believe that some dopey 8th grader, who hangs out with a roadside gig and a retarded girl and spends all her time playing her guitar, knows anything about quantum mechanics. Not even a basic definition of it.

Here's how we know for sure: she's obviously hasn't even had biology yet. She's asking HOW a hummingbird's wings beat so fast. Not WHY--HOW. She totally skips over any rational physical explanation, like how their wings and muscles are constructed. Nooooo...it must be some quantum singularity!

The only thing that rings true in this strip is that it's April pontificating about something she knows nothing about. And that she is trying desperately to sound deep, just like a lot of teenagers do. And her mother thinks, "My baby is a genius!" instead of recognizing that she really sounds like she's on drugs.