June 24th, 2005

Saturday, June 25

Panel 1: Okay, so Liz isn't using any Native method of animal communication.

Panel 2: More pointless exposition. In real life, it would be more logical for Liz to say, "Oh no...they can smell the cat on me," without prompting.

Panel 3: Now where did the door and molding go? And didn't April already know Liz was bringing Shiimsa? And she's got loose hairs in front. Mayhap she planned to do her hair special for "grad", and hasn't gotten to it yet.

And it's very cute how LJ keeps us from getting an unobstructed view of April's bodice, so we can't judge if the gown is really a Marilyn in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes kind of strapless, or if it just happens to leave her shoulders bare. Really, LJ is all over the map with what's acceptable or not for females to wear. John once forbid Liz from wearing a half-shirt, but April has been prancing around in them for the last three years. Elly (rightfully) vetoed the slutfrock for April's first day of grade 8, but lets her wear what I now have to admit appears to be a gownless evening strap to "grad". Make sense, woman.

Panel 4: So this is what passes for a cliffhanger these days. Elly, so startled that her glasses fly off her face, straddles the front stoop and top step while the dogs charge poor helpless Shiimsa. And of course, this is because Dumbass opened the door. Way to go, Aypo. :::slow clap::: Why in the hell would she fling open the front door before the dogs are safely out back? She's 14, not 6; she should have impulse control by now.

ETA: I checked the official site, and April's June letter says she hopes Liz is "still" bringing Shiimsa, whatever that means. Except that she didn't know for sure.

And the front page wishes Liz a happy 24th birthday. You know something? In all the years of the strip, I don't believe Liz's birthday has EVER been acknowledged. Mike has had a number of birthday parties, and of course April's b-day was a national holiday every year until this one. But for Liz? Bupkes. First she was the younger, then she was the middle. No wonder she went up north.