June 23rd, 2005

Thursday, June 23

I figured we wouldn't get any road strips. Hoped, anyway. Thank heavens we weren't subjected to the crisis of Liz letting Shiimsa out at a rest stop to stretch her legs and fleeing like a bat out of hell.

Panel 1: Now, is the tail of Elly's jacket lifted in the air from the force of the hug, or because her butt is so big? And what does "It was a long trip" have to do with being met? And it looks like one of the boxes has "Patterson" in print, the other in cursive. Odd.

Panel 2: In the color version I get, Elly and Liz are both filtered red. So a station wagon is a nice set of wheels? --And there goes Lynn again with the dash at the beginning of the sentence.

Panel 3: Car leaping in the air as usual. Unnecessary comma.

Panel 4: WTF? Liz looks like John! And what is with her hair? She looks either like she was riding in the Bushwhacker, or as if she's gotten that grade-schoolteacher bird's-nest-on-the-head do. And look at her strutting, gripping each item so powerfully. I wonder if Lynn will have time to illustrate her culture shock: "Life is so easy in the suburbs. In Mtwikipedia (tm somebody else) we have to do everything by HAND!"

Panel 5: Sigh. Well, maybe THIS will be the "clash of the titans" Lynn promised us so long ago. Notice how Lynn's signature is included in Dixie's sound-f/x balloon.

Friday, June 24

"An'"s: One. Badly drawn butts: Two (both Elly's).

Panel 1: Again Liz looks like Mike, with the hair in the eyes and everything. And another lovely view of Elly's crevasse. And Shiimsa looks terrified, or perhaps just overwhelmed.

Panel 2: What is Elly doing to Edgar? Pushing down on his nose like it's an off-button? And yes, I love "boof".

Panel 3: Who calls pantyhose nylons these days? And if April is "totally" dressed up, why is her hair in a ponytail? You'd think it'd be down, or up in an elaborate style. And she's practically falling out of that dress, the little roadside gig!

Panel 4: Oh brother. I just bet Liz has learned (or thinks she's learned) some Native way of soothing savage beasts. Anyway, jeez, isn't that the obvious solution---leave the cat out front, put the dogs in the back, bring the cat into the house? It doesn't have to be a matter of storming the house like it's Omaha Beach.


And this business about April already being dressed up for graduation is weird. This is the first time we were told that Liz was arriving home the same day as the ceremony. Wouldn't you think that a) Liz and Elly would have acknowledged this in yesterday's strip, and b) Elly would have anticipated that April would be dressed and ready, including "nylons an' everything"? For that matter, how close are they cutting this? Is it an afternoon ceremony or an evening one? What if Liz's bus had been late, as buses so often are? Couldn't she have left a day earlier? Or had she originally thought she wouldn't be home until after the graduation, but then everyone in Mtwikipedia said, "Gone fishin'", and that created an opportunity to get there just in time?