June 19th, 2005

Sunday, June 19

"An'"s: One. This is pretty dialogue-heavy for a Sunday strip.

Panel 1: So that's how a Patterson male sleeps: mouth open in a silent moan of despair, while his wife lies smugly turned away from him.

Panel 2: Well, we've already discussed "Fobber's Day".

Panel 3: So how come we're not hearing "THUMP THUMP THUMP"? Oh right: Sunday strips are not continuity.

Panel 4: Is Mike wearing really baggy pants, or are his legs the size of tree trunks?

Panel 5: Ewwwww! Stinkypants! And I would say that bed's gonna break if Merrie keeps bouncing on it like that, but heck, my childhood bed held up under a great deal of abuse.

Panel 6: Wow! Merrie's finally allowed to feed herself!

Panel 7: How many beers did Mike have at the trendy, fern-infested cafe/bar last night?

Panel 8: Is it realistic for Merrie to make this logical connection: that peace and quiet IS Mike's present? Anyway, didn't she make a clay paperweight or something in her phantom nursery school?

Panel 9: I realize it's a heart magnet holding that drawing on the fridge, but the placement looks like the person in the picture has large, saggy boobs.

Go directly to hell, Mike (censored for those who might read this at work or school). How much time do you normally spend with your kids? You are NOT the one who needs a break. A break from what---your busy foyer-dividing schedule? Fobber's Day, indeed.

Monday, June 20

Sigh. More cat antics. I hope the whole week won't be like this.

No BDBs, because Liz's butt actually looks okay. Curvaceous, rather than spilling out of a chair on both sides.

What a lame punchline, though. And I guess we're supposed to sympathize with Liz's frustration, rather than be impatient with her for still not understanding that you have to deal with cats a certain way, and never force them to do anything. I wonder how someone so unable to see other points of view is a teacher.