June 14th, 2005

Tuesday, June 14

Well, I got that miracle. My connectivity mysteriously came back without a service call. Hm.

One more comment on Sunday's strip before I start today's. First of all, there's never any shortage of this scenario: Adult takes eyes off kid---kid gets bright idea---adult discovers what kid has been up to---Parabolic Mouth of Horror. But beyond that, why was Elly so desperate to get Merrie out of her hair? What's so crucial about her gardening, which presumably doesn't have a deadline, but is just something she does as an outlet? The implication is, "Oh, Merrie thinks she's helping, but she's really getting on Elly's last nerve!" I just don't see why her presence is an intrusion, especially to Super!Grandma! I can't remember the exact wording, but as Calvin once said, "Parents get so grouchy when they're recreating."

ETAAgain: Forgot to mention the FOOB site front page. Merrie says, "Happy Fobber Day, Daddy!" Now, I think that's going too far. No 2 1/2 y/o would say "fobber" unless they have a genuine speech impediment. (Would they? By all means correct me if I'm wrong.)


Okay, on to Tuesday's strip.

BDBs: Panel 2. "An'"s: One. Jeesh, even native kids say it. UML: Panel 3. Okay, he's handing her a pie. No need to make a production of it!

Panel 1: Ah, eating ice cream right out of the carton. The ultimate Single and Lonely visual shorthand. Between that, her eyes and her scraggly hair, Liz looks as if she's about to snap any minute. And of COURSE the door is open---no one in MtOneWithTheEarth even HAS a lock on their door! (I can't read the label on the ice cream; can anyone tell me what flavor it is?)

Panel 2: Hey, Wide Load! Lay off the ice cream! And Jesse looks like he's floating in space; one foot off the ground, and the other leg obscured by the table.

Panel 3: Last year's blueberries? I can understand why Liz's mouth looks like that.

Panel 4: Now, what's the deal here? Is that the remains of a slice of pie on the plate in front of her? Has Liz become such a Single 'n' Lonely food junkie that she either scarfed down a slice of Jesse's pie immediately, or she had already eaten a different pie before he showed up? At any rate, now I'm convinced she's losing it: she's gleeking, and look at her eyes! ETA: I think she did have a slice already; in the color comic, her mouth is blue.

Panel 5: What IS it with this kid? Doesn't he ever do anything open and aboveboard? And why is he giving Liz an illicit pie? Trying to improve his grade? Or...does he have designs on Miss Patterson, and hopes that blueberries are the key to her heart?

Wednesday, June 15

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: So she did have only one slice. And talk about a time jump. Jesse brings in the pie, and next thing we know, Liz has horked up a whole slice. Did she even offer to share? I would think he'd want to drag the moment out by eating it with her...but maybe he's so lovestruck he can't swallow food in Miss Othm^H^H^H^Patterson's presence.

And how does this work? Liz knows it was Jesse's Aunt Marg, not Aunt anyone else who made the pie. So presumably, everyone's name is known. But wouldn't you think that in a village like this, Jesse would have sisters and cousins, whom he reckons up by dozens, and of course, multiple aunts?

Panel 2: Why does Jesse have a gut all of a sudden?

Panel 3: Well, if Aunt Marg SAID the pie was for Liz, then presumably Jesse didn't have to ask before bringing it to her. So it's not stealing, and he wouldn't get in trouble.

Panel 4: "I don't want you to go," he says to her crotch. Oh brother.