June 10th, 2005

May my cable company burn in hell for ever and ever and ever.

Hi, guys. As you've no doubt figured out from the title of this thread, I will be without internet access until Tuesday at least. Unless a miracle happens.

I'm currently at a friend's house, so I can't post a lengthy analysis of today's strip. Others have commented on the appearance of the car (and the parentheses within dialogue) and the "quotes", so I'll just add:

---What does she mean "It should have such-and-such"? "Should" means that those features are lacking. If the car does have those features, then the term is "It has."

---$300 of grocery space? Well, perhaps she knows the cost/volume ratio of her family's needs. But three hundred dollars in one go? Is she feeding the Army, the Air Force and the Navy?

I'll be at the library tomorrow to give more detailed commentary on Saturday's strip. Till then! :clink:

ETA: Ack! How could I have missed Elly's giNORmous caboose in panel 2? (Seriously, how could I have?)