June 9th, 2005

Thursday, June 9

Okay, so I was wrong yesterday about salespeople always riding along on test drives. Hm. Perhaps I was getting the hard sell when I bought my car? But I preferred it that way---when I have a question, I like to ask it right away.

Panel 1: Again, the car jumps in the air, but this time both wheels are level. Must be one of those hovercars.

Panel 2: Oh John, quit sulking.

Panel 3: Ah, but now he perks up. Just because Elly mentioned back roads? Is he scouting for someplace to dump the body?

Panel 4: Sigh. Once again, we're told that women can't resist the lure of the mall. Well, heck, I suppose Elly does need this skill: it's not like she has a business to run or anything.

This is even less compelling than the saga of the Seaweeds. Someone on Moldy Tofu's board posited that this might be leading up to a near-tragic accident that engenders another A.N.V.I.L. about how life and family are so much more important than royal blue cars with cup holders, and how lucky the Pattersons are to have the first two. Maybe, maybe not. But how sad is it that less than a year ago we were decrying A.N.V.I.L.s, and now we're longing for one just to relieve the tedium? It's like living in Florida and looking forward to hurricane season because it'll banish the humidity.