June 6th, 2005

Tuesday, June 7

Gratuitous "quotes": Two.

UML: Panel 2. Although they might not be entirely unnecessary.

Okay, so it appears that the email was a pointless lead-in: tell us what we already know, just to take up space and support the alleged punchline.

Panel 1: I think I get it. Exhaust fumes age men prematurely. Gordon and Anthony both appear to be in their fifties, while John, who is in his fifties, has all his hair with no trace of gray, and Mike The Great Editor is regressing.

Panel 2: Foolish John. How dare you presume to speak for Elly? Did you not see her glaring at you in the previous panel? Suddenly she is nudging him aside with her shoulder, when a moment before, their chairs were a foot apart. And she's turned her steely eyes of death on Gordon. "I want...a royal...blue. Do not toy with me, Mr. Mayes." Notice how she's gripping the edge of the desk? I bet she has a pearl-handled revolver in her handbag. Gordon's hand trembles as he gives her the thumbs-up, while John tries to remember if Elly is still his beneficiary.

I looked up "navet" on dictionary.com, but all that came up was "naivete". I know we have some foreign-language experts here: does it mean anything in French, German or Spanish? And a Crevasse? Is that like the crack in Elly's jumbo-sized ass?

Panel 3: Word to whoever said yesterday that this strip is turning into "Cathy". That's exactly the kind of thing she would say, with one hand pressed to her bosom, the other index finger pointing skyward, and her head tossed back as she laughs off the suggestion, before succumbing to the sales pitch, of course.

And why is Crevasse in "quotes" the first time it appears, but not the second?

Panel 4: Mayes Midtown Motors? I think that's what the sign says. Anyway, what's the deal here? Is John paying for the car? I forget what the agreement was. So much for the Pavo XS50, eh?