June 5th, 2005

Monday, June 6

UML: Panels 1 and 4. We get that she's typing from the "tickity tap tick tap". We don't need to be told that her hands are moving.

Panels 1-2: Okay, what's the deal here? First, April is slightly shorter than the monitor, and it's set way back on the desk. Then we get a shot from behind and over the top of the monitor, and it looks like she's an inch in front of it and looking down.

And how is Meredith's arm "better", unless the cast is off, and how can Robin "almost crawl"?

Panel 3: Why do I have this creepy feeling that if Liz turned around she'd have no face? And it's also slightly disturbing that the message is shooting out of the screen at the end of a lightning bolt.

Panel 5: Ha ha...ha. Just as men leave a mess everywhere and never put the seat down, women don't know jack about cars, or care about anything except how they look and trivial features. Also, we got the cupholder gag in John's letter, and it wasn't funny then either.

Again, this is a concept that was brought off much more effectively in the '80s. Elly and John went to a dealership, and the salesman oozed charm all over John, who replied, "Don't ask me; it's my wife who's buying the car!" as Elly gave the salesman a Look of Death.

So is this storyline going to take a whole month as well? Another nailbiter as Elly searches for the perfect blue car with a perfect blue cupholder? Maybe a week of her taking cars for test drives? With a wry, inverted cliche at the end of each strip? Will we ever find out the Seaweeds' reaction to Mike's !hilarious! article? Will the fire escape serve its purpose? Or are we to assume that Mike's gift with words :::cough::: solves all the problems of the world?