May 30th, 2005

Tuesday, May 31

Panel 1: Well, those are necessary motion lines. But what is it lately, with legs in motion looking like they're amputated?

Panel 2: I don't get this. Merrie seems to be addressing Mike, but neither is looking at the other. And Merrie is very articulate all of a sudden. No "an'"s, no malaprops, complex sentences. What the hey? And is Robin naked?

Panel 3: Hee! It looks like Robin is smacking Mike in the face! "You suck, Daddy! That's what I think of your foyer tape!" Meanwhile, Merrie's got the wind machine again, and Deanna is getting those Andrea Yates eyes.

Panel 4: Ah, classic FOOB: a wise-beyond-her-years child decoding parent-speak. Deanna looks extremely pissed.


I suppose I can deal with this as an interim strip, if we get the fire tomorrow or the next day. Maybe, just maybe, this is the last idyllic moment before tragedy strikes. I. Hope.

And the monthly letters should go up on Wednesday! Or at least before the end of the week! I'll dig out the predictions made (in this forum? I think, or maybe it was ellcee's). I bet at least one, maybe two or even three, will turn out to be accurate!