May 29th, 2005

Sunday, May 29

Thank you all for waiting! I was at a late showing of Revenge of the Sith.

I'm just going to have to list all the things wrong with this strip one by one.

1) What decade is Lynn living in? People have not said "Va va va voom" since before my time.

2) Becky nudges with her shoulder?

3) And I thought April wasn't going to hang out with her any more. But I guess April needs a foil for Sunday strips.

4) FALSIES?! Beyond the fact that they are as hopelessly outdated as the name of the store, I'm so glad to see that Becky and April can't accept their bodies the way they are.

5) Good lord, Becky even climbs stairs like a gig.

6) Do dogs really eat everything that's not nailed down? I've never owned a dog, so I don't know.

7) So why does April go ahead and put in just one boob?

8) And do they honestly think that would fool anyone? Or don't they plan on wearing them in public?

9) And isn't April usually bigger than she's shown in this strip anyway? Based on her appearance in recent strips, she shouldn't be completely flat on the unenhanced side. But of course, she conveniently reverts to a ten-year-old's figure for this incident.

10) How utterly ridiculous.

11) ETA that I missed the UMLs when they're climbing the stairs, and when Becky's walking past the bedroom doorway, plus Becky's personal wind machine blowing her hair back.

Monday, May 30

Gratuitous "quotes": two. Although in one sense, they might not be entirely "gratuitous".

Panel 1: AAAAAH! The house is talking! No, wait---it's only framed this way so we can get another look at the fire escape, which I'm sure is soon going to play a crucial role. Either Merrie falls off it (sure, Mike and Dee are sooooooo careful about always keeping a sharp eye on their sproggen.) or it will have to be used to escape a, y'know, fire.

Panel 2: I like how this one is squashed, just as Deanna is squashing the inevitable suggestion from Mira.

Panel 3: "I've got to go, dear." Well, looks like Mira is finally recognizing the brick wall she's up against. More silhouettes, and more legs-only shadows.

Panel 4: So the tape is still there? Argh. And the aforementioned "quotes" seem to have a purpose for once: they clarify the way the Pattersons have "a side" in "name only". The foyer is common, you guys. The only person who owns it is Lovey.

Panel 5: Deanna has picked up the "pun bug". Lord give me strength. Merrie looks like she's putting her mind somewhere else. And why is it that every blonde female in this strip has her own wind machine?