May 26th, 2005

Friday, May 27

Panel 1: What the heck? Deanna looks like Shannon all of a sudden: stunted and wide. And I guess that's a "click" of finality as she turns the magical toy to the OFF setting. And what the hey is up with Mira's feet and legs? Even if we accept that she took her shoes off (to preserve the carpet? in this dump?), they still looks like platypus feet.

Panel 2: And now Deanna's head looks like a pumpkin!

Panel 3: Woohoo! GO MIRA! What's that dance called---the mazurka? But why did the first two panels have to be taken up with a pointless rehash? Why not just start with this?

Panel 4: And now Deanna's being loud, with her black talk balloon! And again with the droplets: sweat, this time. Still, it's great: she's usually the one so hung up on What People Think. It's actually cool to see her cutting loose for once, and Merrie seems to think so too! Maybe next time, Mira will cruise Yonge Street with April!

Panel 5: Oh for the love. Deanna, stop martyring yourself. You have the landlady on your side. (And you don't need those Unnecessary Motion Lines behind your head, either.) The Seaweeds are the ones who have the option to leave if they don't like it, and you're stopping Mira from expediting that. So now I'm not so sure that this will be a faceoff between Winnie and Mira. It might just get sidetracked into "Why won't you let me buy you a house?" after all.

Although, y'know, in real life it doesn't always play out this way. A real landlady might ask both parties to compromise, instead of always defending one. She would get tired of hearing the Seaweeds complain and get tired of hearing the Pattersons whine. For that matter, Lovey can probably hear the ceiling-banging as well; you'd think she'd at least tell the Seaweeds to knock that off.