May 24th, 2005

Tuesday, May 24

Gratuitous "quotes": Panel 3.

Unnecessary motion lines: Panel 4.

Panel 1: What is it with Lynn and spittle? And for that matter, why is Robin's mouth on one side of Deanna's arm, while the droplet is on the other side? Not even a year old, and this kid's spitting for distance!

Panel 2: And what's going on here? Did Robin suddenly decrease in size, so that he disappears inside a blanket? Or is he leaning down towards the floor?

And Mike looks awfully excited at the prospects of the Seaweeds getting evicted. Like it'll be fun for him, to see his enemy smited.

Panel 3: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Lynn, I'm begging you, no more closeups of Lovey!

Panel 4: And as I said above, we don't need the motion lines to know that Mike is putting his chin in his hands.


Okay. So we've established that the lease forbids smoking. But what I wonder is, is there a clause about tenants leaving stuff in common areas? Or does Lovey give a Patterson Dispensation?

And I really don't know about these things, so I'm asking: With whom does Lovey have to document infractions and warnings? Homeowner's Association? Or is it just CYA so the Seaweeds can't sue her? At any rate, this is another FOOB mindset I despise: something's difficult, so you shouldn't even try. And of course, Mike's resigned to this as well. Tick...tick...tick...


On another note, I saw today's Boondocks, and I honestly can't say if McGruder is sending up Lynn's fake slang, or just hip-hop slang. I'm leaning more towards FOOB being so far below his radar that he doesn't even know about the gig/roadside/foob silliness. Still, check out today's strip: it's a hoot no matter who it's aimed at.

I don't believe it.

Well, actually, I do. I got a cease and desist order from Lynn's people to take down the Mike/Therese comparison shot I posted a few days ago.

Fine, whatever; I took it down. Not the hill I want to die on. But I think it's hilarious that the FOOB staff cracks down on any images, even if they're not direct-linked, while my email to Lynn, expressing my opinion, was completely. ignored.

And meanwhile, my mom thinks Mike's actions are entirely justified. The Seaweeds "pushed his buttons", she says. By asking the Pattersons to keep their stuff in their own apartment? Well, you see, this is EXACTLY like the situation with my sister a few years ago, where HER neighbor threatened to poison her dogs if they didn't stop barking. Yeah right, mom. It's a perfect parallel.

Well, I'm off to make a tape line around this site! Carry on.

ETA: Hey, let's not push panic buttons!

I don't know what's up with Elly's Revenge. Now, the way it went down with the precursor to that site (FBOFW Strikes Back) was, they had been posting images right along, like Liz's three-faces-on-one-head shot when she was tripping out over Shiimsa. It was my understanding they only crossed the line when they made a direct link to Elly's signature at the end of a parody letter. They were told to remove the link, and they did, but they overlooked another sig link on the reply page, so the site became history.

Elly's Revenge has posted at least one image (John's butt poised over the deli chicken), but it wasn't a direct link. I don't know if the loophole has been closed, leading to the demise of ER, or if it's just a scary coincidence. However, ellcee's site is free of images of any kind, while the owner of "Our Life on the Funny Pages" is careful to use a sketch of Deanna, rather than an image. Meanwhile, I was only given a deadline of May 27th to remove the image; they said nothing about shutting down my site as long as I cooperated. Which I have.

I hope ER hasn't been permanently wiped, though. I was involved in a discussion over there. Someone was claiming that Lovey was originally portrayed as "money-grubbing and eavesdropping", and I replied that I'd checked the collections and there was absolutely no evidence of that. I was waiting for the person to come back so I could say, "You know what---I think you're confusing her with Mrs. Dingle!" The whole thing may be moot now. :(

Wednesday, May 25

Huzzah! Elly's Revenge is back up!


Hmm. Next morning, no fire. "Rats".

Panel 1: Who is s/he? Who's the idiot who told Mira about Merrie's arm? Get a clue, guys: if it's nothing to worry about, then it's nothing Mira needs to know about!

And from behind, I can barely tell Deanna from Mike. But I saw Robin's head peeping out from behind her shoulder. So it's Deanna: as noted earlier, Mike leaves all that cuddling stuff to his girlf^H^H^H^wife.

And how did Mira get into the apartment on her own? Does she have a key? Even if we're supposed to believe the Pattersons LET her have a key, after that "clash of the titans" last fall, how would she have a key to the unit they moved into just a couple days ago? Or do they leave their door unlocked all the time, the better to let Merrie have the run of the house and injure herself?*

And Deanna wears jailbird pajamas instead of a nightgown? Or have the new artists once again put the right head on the wrong body?

Panel 2: Gasp! And Mira brought a PRESENT! That horrible, horrible woman! And what's Robin doing? Reaching for the package? Wanting to shake hands? Or just pleading to be taken away from this crazy family?

Panel 3: Again with the Texas cheerleader hair.

Panel 4: ETA: What's up with Dee's face? She suddenly looks like a mongoloid.

So of course, it doesn't occur to Merrie to be upset until Mira freaks out. Well, okay, I can understand that. But if it's so inevitable, just don't tell her anything until the cast comes off. Now, Elly might also have come to visit (it's not like she has a business to run or anything) but of course, all she'd have to do would be scoop Merrie up in her arms and mend the fractured bone with her magical healing powers.

And I am saying "of course" a lot, am I not? Gee, you'd think this strip was predictable!

*It is just barely possible that the same key works for both apartment doors. The first place I lived on my own, I once put my key in the door of an apartment one floor below mine...and it worked. OMG, was I embarrassed! Luckily they weren't in.