May 23rd, 2005

Monday, May 23

Panel 1: Okay, so the building is smoke-free. That settles it, then. Or it should, anyway...

And we've got the motion lines as Melville stubs his cigar out aggressively! But you should never extinguish a cigar that way. Set it down, stop puffing, and it'll go dead.

Panel 2: Well, I agree about a good cigar being more than a smoke...but it's still a tobacco product, and forbidden by the non-smoking regulations. And that particular cigar isn't completely out! Now, that's gonna stink up the place. Even people who like cigars don't like them to be ground out.

And again, Melville just has to be butt-ugly, because he's a Bad Guy.

Panel 3: Lovey, it's not about your personal tastes. Don't do what Elly does and bring aesthetics into it. The contract should be sufficient.

Panel 4: Again, I have to agree. Cookie Monster had an Excalibur just last night, and that had a wonderful aroma. However...we do not have kids, and our apartment building was constructed to be just that. As opposed to a converted house, where smoke can leak from room to room.

But at any rate, here we go again with the aggressive motion lines, and a Patterson-by-association looking aghast that someone would oppose them.

Well, there's still a chance that that smoldering butt will be dumped into a wastebasket full of paper...