May 21st, 2005

Saturday, May 21

Badly drawn butts: Actually, Deanna's derriere looks okay in panel 1. But in panel 3, her crotch looks kind of odd for a woman.

Panel 1: What an amazing concept, Dee! Everyone getting along! (qnjones, I'm going to repeat your post from yesterday after this one. You said it so much better than I could.)

Panel 2: Okay, we already saw Mike telling Merrie that they have to be quiet. But I hope being considerate does not include playing in the damn hallway.

Panel 3: As noted above, it almost looks as if Mike and Dee have switched bodies. She has a male stance and he has a female one.

And Mike says "In a few weeks." So I'm to take it that my original assessment was right, and it's only been a day or two since the big move? His attitude reminds me of a chapter from The Gift Of Fear by Gavin DeBecker (read it!), in which a guy came to him for advice because a would-be business associate had been harassing him. Guy says, "I can't get rid of this guy! I've tried everything, but he keeps calling and faxing and sending registered letters..." Guy's wife says, "But honey, you haven't tried 'everything'. You haven't even tried [ignoring him for] two weeks." As qn observes, some people get off on being victims.

Panel 4: I gotta say, those faces make me laugh.

Panel 5: Ye gods! Could Melville have a bigger honker? It looks like a yam!

Okay, now a few words about cigars. It's pretty clear that Lynn doesn't know from cigars, because Lovey describes them as "big" cigars* Lady, cigars are big. Unless you're talking about those weak-ass pseudo-cigars like Hav-a-Tampas, Rum Crooks or Swisher Sweets. There are half-sizes of quality cigars, but generally, "big cigar" is redundant.

Second of all, there's a difference between Aroma del Bano (tm Bill Amend) and a good-quality cigar. Those pieces-and-stems stogies are gross, I admit; they smell exactly like a dumpster. But Cookie Monster smokes cigars, and I've come to know that the kind they smoke in cigar bars have a very pleasant bouquet. Once, when he was out of town, I went to a cigar bar (and smoked cigarettes) just so I could be immersed in the familiar scent. The smoke from a good cigar is actually a lot more mellow than cigarette smoke. The only way they're obnoxious is if you stub them out instead of letting them burn out, or if you let the end and the ashes sit and fester.

That said, Lynn is right in her implication that incense won't help anything. Smoke is smoke, and incense will cloud the air further. Plus, the wrong combination can turn the mixture of a fine cigar and a pleasant incense into Belleau Wood, 1916! I'm just not in agreement that all cigars are obnoxious and gross.

But I don't have kids. Certainly, Merrie and Robin should not be inhaling smoke of any kind. But I sense that Lynn is going to sidestep the simple solution in favor of another deadlock. The building is either smoke-free or it isn't. If it is, as evidenced by Elly's reaction to Toronto being called "The Big Smoke" a while back, then it's simple: lay off the cigars or move out. If it's not...well, perhaps we're in for a long haul of "You did this, so I'm gonna do that."

*and I love that "Puh!" But shouldn't she end the sentence with "now"?

Sunday, May 22

Motion lines: I wouldn't say the swish marks around Edgar are unnecessary, since the implication is that he's moving pretty fast. However, what the heck is John doing in panel 3---forging Excalibur?

Sound f/x: Okay, we get it: he's digging.

Overall, Eddy seems almost humanoid in this strip. Conversely, the last panel is further confirmation that Elly thinks of John as another pet.


There's discussion of the Seaweeds over on r.a.c.s., and some people are talking about the necessity of keeping strollers and trikes on the ground level, because it's a huge ordeal to carry them up and down.

Now that I can understand! And here's a really far-out concept: maybe the Seaweeds would understand it too, if the Pattersons TOLD them that? But as far as we know, neither Mike nor Dee ever stated such a case to their neighbors, or to Lovey. They just got grossly offended, and literally drew the line. So who can blame the Seaweeds for feeling wronged, when the Pattersons have not taken the stance of "We HAVE to keep our stuff downstairs; please work with us," but rather "We WANT to and you can't stop us!"?