May 18th, 2005

Thursday, May 19

Oh my GOD. I'm going to do this in two sections. First, my visceral reactions.


Panel 2: "Crimeny crumbcake! Is this the Brady Bunch?"

Panel 3: "Oh, you're layin' it on the line, aren't ya! And you're so brave!"

Panel 4: "No, Mike, YOU are a big BABY. You are making a bigger issue out of a small one that could easily be resolved. Glad I ain't your neighbor."


Okay, now for the analysis.

Panel 1: I thought this was Deanna at first. It is truly amazing how much Patterson couples look alike, both sets. If Liz ever gets married, I wonder if she'll end up with a receding hairline (Warren), a porn-star mustache (Anthony) or chin spinach (Dr. Morsel)?

So it's a large foyer. But it also looks like a well-kept one. Very classy, with the apparently clean carpet (which won't remain so for long, probably, with two active sprogs in the building) and the pier glass. As such, it should not be messed up with kid gear OR with duct tape. And I love the onomatopoeia: "STRITTTT"!

ETA: And why is Mike making a rectangle? Is the doorway to the outside at the left side of the frame? Or is he confining his own family?

Panel 2: Yikes! It's Danny DeVito! And look at Mike, his face screwed up in righteous indignation!

Panel 3: What the heck kind of perspective is that? Melville has dwarf proportions, but he's as tall as the doorway! And Mike...what is it with his femme posture lately? ETAAgain: And another thing that gets on my nerves almost as badly as "quotes" and "an'" is the Patented Patterson Pseudo-Intellectual Patter.

Panel 4: Again with the warrior face. Mike, again I say, YOU are the toxic neighbor. Winnie made a REASONABLE request. You are the one starting a war.


Also, Cookie Monster saw Wednesday's strip and wondered why, since it was presumably after business hours, Deanna was answering the door instead of Mike. He never likes me to answer the door during non-daylight hours. Too many women have not lived to regret doing so.


And again, Mike, get bent.