May 17th, 2005

Whoa. I just noticed something.

I was checking old strips to see how inconsistent Grampa Jim's senility is, and I just realized, a sequence is missing.

According to the archives on the official site, after the family buries Mr. B under Farley's tree, Liz starts stressing because she got an invitation to Anthony's wedding and doesn't have a date. The sequence wherein she gets hooked up with Dennis runs from Tuesday, July 8 2003 through Saturday, July 19 2003. (The dance lessons come later; this is mostly her discussion about "platonic" dating and so forth.

However, in the last pages of the book, we jump from 7/7/03 and John's quip that he "wooden know" what trees think about, to April, on 7/21/03, bleating, "What do you mean, I'll be staying with Gord an' Tracey?" The remainder of the book is taken up with John and Elly on vacation, canoeing and discussing retirement.

I HOPE Dennis isn't going to be left out of the books just because he' know...GAY. The 8/2/03 strip is the last one in the book, and the 8/3/03 strip has Dennis teaching Liz to ballroom dance. So it wouldn't be a glaring continuity gap if the strips that explain his presence and introduce him start off the next collection. Anyway, I don't see how he could be left out, without skipping Anthony's wedding entirely, and if that happens, we have no context for Evil Therese. But I just thought I'd mention it.

Wednesday, May 18

Badly drawn butts: Panel 3.

Panel 1: When is this conversation taking place? Is it the same day as the accident? If so, I can't see how Deanna's had a chance to observe a pattern of behavior. Presumably, Merrie only encountered the stairs once since the accident: when they were returning to the apartment. And what an odd thing to worry about, anyway. I don't think this would turn Merrie into a total neurotic; it wasn't anywhere near as traumatic as April's near-drowning, which led to a (since conquered) fear of water. Plus which, if she becomes cautious around stairs---well, good!

Also, why does Merrie suddenly have Texas Beauty Queen hair? (No offense to any Texans.) And what's up with Mike and Dee's silhouettes in the background? It almost looks like the dialogue should be "What did you do to our daughter? Answer me!" "She's fine, honey! She's fine, really...oh no, not my face! Please, not my face! [sob]"

Panel 2: Well! A pleasant exchange between two neighbors! And "Winnie" is a fairly innocuous name.

Panel 3: "As normal as possible." Whatever that means. But I can't quite read the facial expressions. Except that Deanna's mouth looks wide enough to engulf a school of fish. Someone forgot they're not still drawing Lovey?

Panel 4: Oh my stars! Deanna is affronted! The nerve of that SeaweedSpit woman!

Listen up, you mop-headed twit. YOU DO NOT OWN THE HOUSE. You are SHARING it with OTHER PEOPLE. And it is very white trash to leave kid toys in the yard. The stroller I might grant you, if it's folded up and it's possible to put it someplace that still allows people to walk, bring in packages, and get to their mailboxes. But not the tricycle in the front yard. If you're going to do that, you might as well have Merrie go outside in jeans with a rope belt and drop pebbles into a rusted coffee can. IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU.